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Team Registration

Team Registration is now open. If you want to register a team, please fill out the registration below.

Registration for the 2024 Regular Season

The CLGSA Board is excited about the 2024 season! We will be having some exciting changes coming into the registration process.

We have started team registration to allow CLGSA Board to know the intent of our interested Team Managers. This will allow us to ensure your Team name is present when player registration is opened. If you are an interested Team Manager but don’t have a Team name, we will use the Team Manager’s name until a Team name is decided for registration purposes. Please email Commissioner Adrian.

In the meantime, if you are a new player coming to the CLGSA Family, please check out our recruitment page for all the questions you may have about our league and what will be required before being assigned a rating and a team.

If you are a returning player, you already know the drill, but if not, do not worry, as the CLGSA Board is here for you. Your next step is to wait for the player registration to open up. However, in the meantime, you may want to connect with your previous Team Manager to ensure they will be creating a Team for the 2024 season, and if not, ask your friends if they have any openings or if you are feeling up to it throw your name into managing a new Team.

Overall we are here to have fun with our friends in a safe community while playing softball. We are excited about the 2024 season and the continual growth of your league, the players, and the Team Managers.



New Player Introductions

A good starting place if you don't know where to start :)